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Call recording

Recording phone calls is necessary today not only at emergency lines (where it is actually obligatory) but also in contact centers, where it helps to increase the employees’ efficiency.
  • Supervisor has undistorted results of each operator’s work at his disposal, and can warn them about the mistakes they make during the call.
  • Helps in solving problematic situations and clients’ complaints.
  • It is not necessary to bother with taking notes during the phone call; if you feel that there is too much information, simply push the button on your telephone machine and the call gets recorded from the beginning.
  • Serves as a recording of teleconferences.
  • Easy access to the recordings, elaborate web client.
  • Various levels of accessing the recordings for individual users (ACL system).
Monitoring can be operated on the following interfaces:
  • IP Telephonie.
  • Digital lines (ISDN, PCM or UP0).
  • Analogue lines.
  • Radio stations recording.
  • Recording of rooms using spatial microphones.
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