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You are entering the instruction section of our electronic shop. These instructions should help you, not only with shopping, but with total orientation. If you are visiting us for the first time, these instructions should be your starting point where you will find all of the basic information relating to payment, guarantees, shipping methods and everything else that you would like to ask about in relation to internet shopping. If you do have any further questions, send them to e-Shop .
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How do we protect your privacy?

We respect your privacy. So that we can provide you with a quality service we need to know some of your personal data. We protect this data against wrongful use.Please read the details following in this document.

As a customer when registering you must provide the following details. Should you not provide the correct details we are unable to guarantee successful installation. For a real person you must provide:

  • Name and surname.
  • Full postal address.
  • E mail address.

This information is essential to identify you as the purchaser. We use these details in charging nd confirming your payments for the purchased products, to ensure correct delivery and to communicate with you.

If you are purchasing as a legal entity and wish to pay by transfer from your firm's bank account, please provide the following details in relation to the company:

  • Company name.
  • Full postal address.
  • Telephone number.
  • ICO.
  • DIC.
  • Bank contact details.
  • E mail address.

These details allow us to correctly prepare the necessary accounting records, finalize the normal taxation documents which are required for both parties and, where necessary, to identify your payment by bank transfer.

What is our position on releasing your personal details to other organizations?

Your personal details are confidential and are not used by anyone other than CIT.CZ® spol.s.r.o., other than our partners in confirming payments such as banks, companies issuing credit cards and similar, and then only in relation to confirming payment for our services.

CIT.CZ® does not sell, rent or in any other way provide your details to a third party. It is possible that at some future time we may decide to enter into such a contract with a reliable company. In this case we would offer you the possibility of refusing to take part in such a transaction.

Agreement to gathering and using information

By using the internet shop CIT.CZ® spol, s.r.o. you agree to the gathering and use of information relating to you and your purchases. The rules governing this are as detailed in this document. Should there be any changes in these rules, the new rules will be published so that it will be possible for you to know of them.

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